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Cloud Applications and Data Migration Services

Move your applications, data, and other business elements from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud computing environment.

Right start your cloud journey


GlassHouse Systems Cloud Services handles your enterprise cloud migration so you can concentrate on everything else. Our Cloud experts partner with you to design the best migration strategy for a secure and repeatable path to the Cloud, optimizing reliability, performance, scalability and security.



GlassHouse Systems provides end-to-end migration services from cloud to cloud, cloud DR, and hybrid Cloud.


Infrastructure analysis and migration planning to set objectives and address all aspects of migrating workload to the cloud.


Data security and threat detection to ensure caution during migration to Cloud and at steady state.


Cloud optimization services to consider true associated costs and provide alternatives


Disaster recovery planning to identify all potential risks; GHS Cloud Services has worked with all major public cloud providers implementing disaster recovery solutions.


Our process and approach

Migrating systems to the cloud is a sophisticated task requiring in-depth knowledge and experience. Engaging an inexperienced team can lead to project failure and potential setbacks for your business.

With three decades of experience working on Power and IBM Mainframe systems and as an IBM Platinum Partner, we have the proven credentials to deliver the most complex projects successfully.

Moving to the cloud isn't just about lifting and shifting — it requires deep knowledge of networking, cloud computing, storage, supporting technologies and the unique cloud software to power it all.

Moreover, once you've migrated, the decisions continue. You'll need to know how to manage and optimize your cloud to ensure superior economic benefits from your transition. 

Navigating the cloud requires more than just a map—it demands a seasoned guide. At GlassHouse Systems, we're here to lead the way. Trust us to turn your cloud migration from a risky endeavour into a rewarding journey.

GlassHouse Systems' experts guide you through a disciplined and methodical approach to ensure your business continues to thrive.

Here is how we ensure your migration is executed smoothly, securely, and in alignment with your business objectives. 

  • 01

    Initial Qualification

    Our solutioning process begins with initial qualification. Our seasoned professionals
    engage with your team to understand your unique needs, concerns, and expectations
    about migrating your data and applications to the IBM Cloud.

  • 02

    Information Gathering

    We meticulously analyze your existing environment, taking note of all the specifics that will need to be transitioned to the IBM Cloud. We’re diligent about capturing every detail — no matter how minor it may seem — to ensure nothing gets lost in the transition.

  • 03

    Technical Discovery Workshop

    In our  Technical Discovery Workshop, our engineers work closely with your team to outline precisely the architecture, scope, and technical requirements of the cloud environment we will build for you. With this information, we ensure a custom solution is created specifically for your requirements and situation.

  • 04

    Cloud Architecture

    Following the discovery phase, our team gets to work on designing the architecture of your new cloud environment. We build several variations and present these to you, giving you the autonomy to choose the design that best suits your business needs.

    Once the architecture is approved, we draft the contract outlining the process to deploy and migrate your workloads to your new cloud environment. This contract outlines the terms of the deployment, ensuring complete transparency and agreement on all sides before we proceed.

  • 05

    Data and Application Migration

    Data Migration: we transfer existing data to the cloud, considering data integrity, security, and compliance.
    Application Migration: we move applications to the cloud, which may involve re-platforming, re-hosting, re-architecting, or rebuilding applications for cloud compatibility.
    Integration: we ensure seamless integration between cloud-based applications and data with existing on-premises systems.

  • 06

    Migration Completion

    Performance Testing: we conduct thorough performance testing to ensure that applications perform optimally.
    Security Testing: we verify that security measures are effectively implemented to protect your data and applications.
    Training: we train your IT staff on the new cloud-based systems and tools and provide documentation for future reference.

    After migration, you may elect to engage with our CloudOps, Cloud Security, and Managed Cloud teams to ensure your cloud continues to deliver on your investment.

Upon completion of the deployment, you can choose to engage us further using our Managed Cloud services. Our expertise isn't just confined to the initial migration. Many clients have tapped into our ability to provide ongoing infrastructure and security-managed services for their cloud environments, taking advantage of our specialized skills and decades of experience.

Success story:
Financial Institution journey to the IBM cloud

GHS delivers Managed Cloud, Managed Infrastructure Services and Security to a Canadian Financial Services Company

The Challenge

A Canadian subsidiary of an international insurance organization needed: 

  • Specialized skills in IBM i
  • Accelerated move out of their data centre
  • Greater application security 
  • Enhanced Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery
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The solution

  • GlassHouse Systems private cloud, IBM I Security and Infrastructure Managed Services.
  • Infrastructure delivered as a Private Cloud.
  • Managed operations services, including backup, performance management, capacity management, systems administration, change management and incident/vendor management.
  • Application security providing application firewall and audit.

The Benefits

  • Enhanced uptime for the environment
  • Quicker change management
  • Ease of compliance reporting
  • Cost-neutral with greatly enhanced environment and operations
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Cloud insights and news

Explore and learn more from our latest content, articles, research papers and events recordings.

IBM Power - Bridging to the Cloud

Watch how other customers have taken advantage of IBM Power Virtual Server in the Cloud for their DR, Dev/Test and Production workloads. We cover:

  • Why IBM Power customers are
    choosing the IBM Cloud
  • Why 92% of organizations have a
    multi-cloud strategy in place or
  • Why 82% of large enterprises have
    adopted hybrid cloud infrastructure
    Public and hybrid cloud options for
    IBM Power workloads (AIX, i, and


How we can help

From assessment to integration, our IT experts at GlassHouse Systems can help your business successfully transition to the Cloud.

AIX, System i, Linux, and mainframe workloads can all benefit from our off-premises enterprise solutions.
In addition to migrating your infrastructure, we can also help you manage and maintain your system through our Managed Cloud and cloud security services.

Take advantage of GlassHouse Systems' Cloud services and put the focus back on growing your business. 


Get a 30-minute, no-cost, strategy session with a Cloud expert

Discover how GlassHouse Systems Cloud Services can help you reach your business and technology potential.