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Utility Company in Western Canada

Enhance security posture for OT

Delivering OT (Nozomi)  and SIEM (QRadar) solution for provincial utility provider.

Heating exchange inspection
  • Gain visibility into known vulnerabilities associated with their Industrial Control System assets.
  • Clarify view of the Water/Wastewater assets footprint in the region.
  • Develop bi-directional integration between the SIEM (IBM QRadar) and OT Security platform (Nozomi Guardian).
  • GlassHouse Systems delivered infrastructure, pre and post sales services and on going support.
  • IBM QRadar SIEM with Nozomi Guardian appliance and Remote Collectors to pool data, parse in realtime and feed into Qradar.
  • Professional Services for implementation, tuning, support and training of QRadar and Guardian.


  • Visibility of the Industrial Control System network and mapping all assets above Level 1 of the Purdue Model.
  • Ability to quickly patch or update the ICS equipment against known vulnerabilities published to the ICS-Cert CVE Advisories.
Sewage treatment plant
Faultfinding engineer
  • Comply with Critical Infrastructures requirements and ramp up new team members quickly as needed.
  • Reduce events analysis time and false positives, by integrating the ICS systems into the centralized event management system (SIEM).