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IBM i / AIX Managed Services

Optimize the performance, security, and reliability of your IBM i / AIX Series environment.

GHS Managed IBM i / AIX Benefits

For over 30 years GlassHouse System's experts have been operating, optimizing, and managing Power environments. Our Managed IBM I clients benefit from the combined expertise of our IBM-certified professionals and the reliability of IBM's robust infrastructure. We are committed to providing a tailored, cost-effective solution that ensures the stability and efficiency of your IBM i Series environment, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

  • Cover your resources gap with access to expert IBM i support and a team of certified IBM i and Power pros.
  • Enhance your IBM i performance by operating at pick level as we proactively monitor and manage your infrastructure.
  • Different SLA options - 24/7 or 9-5 at a fraction of the cost of an FTE. Dynamic cost optimization with flexible consumption models.
  • Cloud deployment models for BC/DRaaS, Test/Dev or production use case.
  • Scalability, performance and reliability delivered quickly and effortlessly.
  • Access to Red Hat Ansible’s consistent, industry-leading enterprise automation technology on IBM platforms.


Our expert team manages and optimizes your IBM i-Series to support your unique requirements

24/7 System Monitoring and Maintenance

Continuous 24/7 monitoring of your IBM i environment to identify and address issues promptly.

Regular maintenance and updates to keep your system secure and up-to-date.

Performance Optimization

Fine-tuning of your IBM i Series system for optimal performance and efficiency.

Capacity planning to ensure your infrastructure scales seamlessly with your business growth.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Robust backup solutions with regular testing to guarantee data integrity and availability.

Comprehensive disaster recovery planning and implementation to minimize downtime in the event of a disruption.

Security Management

Implementation of advanced security measures to protect your IBM i environment from cyber threats.

Regular security assessments and updates to address vulnerabilities and ensure compliance.

Customized Solution Packages

Tailored service packages to meet the specific needs and budget constraints of your organization.

Flexible service-level agreements (SLAs) to align with your business priorities.


Application Support

Assistance with IBM i application management, deployment, and troubleshooting.

Collaboration with your IT team to ensure seamless integration with other enterprise applications

Cost Optimization

Transparent and predictable pricing models to help manage IT costs effectively.

Regular reviews of infrastructure usage and recommendations for cost-saving opportunities.

Compliance and Reporting

Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards relevant to your business.

Regular reporting on system performance, security, and compliance status.

Explore your IBM i / AIX options

Book a consultation with an IBM i Managed Services expert to understand how you can better manage your environment

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