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Cloud Services


Focus on enabling your business when you don’t have the cycles or budget. We team with you to manage your infrastructure on-premises and in the Cloud.


Enterprise Security

Protect your enterprise and deliver compliance. GHS enables your organization to plan and execute an integrated security strategy, building on your current investments.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Discover a simpler way to build, manage, and secure hybrid and multi-cloud environments in the most cost-effective manner.



Deliver reliable and adaptable infrastructure. Take advantage of the multitude of IT deployment options available today, leveraging 25 years of GHS experience.

Solutions at Work

Results matter. Explore these examples of how our clients have achieved extraordinary outcomes with GlassHouse Systems.

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Women wearing a hardhat

Manufacturer protects it's critical applications

Women and man talking

Managed Security Services to a FinTech company

Women and man having a conversation

Hybrid Cloud storage protecting sensitive data

Our Resources

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Blog: Zero Trust Architecture to keep your Data safe

It’s time to consider adopting the Zero Trust approach to IT security. Read on to learn more about how Zero Trust Architecture can keep your data safe in an ever-increasing world of cyber threats

Webinar: IBM i and AIX on Cloud

Discover how hundreds of organizations have used Skytap to deliver traditional Power AIX, IBM i and Power Linux workloads into Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud without refactoring.

GHS is ready to help.