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Cloud and Application Security

GlassHouse Systems’ Cloud Security Service ensures alignment between your cloud adoption strategy and your organization’s security and privacy posture.


We help organizations assess their cloud security posture. We right-size solution to protect your data, workloads, and applications in the cloud.

Our advanced detection and response technologies help mitigate risks, ensuring your cloud environment is resilient against cyber threats. We layer on robust encryption and access controls, to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations,

Our continuous monitoring and real-time cloud and application security service is as flexible as your cloud. It scales with your business needs, providing security and efficiency at the same time. 

  • Stay ahead of emerging cloud security threats with advanced threat intelligence:
  • Automated security protocols and gained efficient and consistent protection from cloud drifts and misconfigurations.
  • Customize and tailor security policies to fit your organization's unique requirements.
  • Ongoing support and guidance from our cloud security experts.


Our cloud security experts guide you through the complex and ever-evolving nebulous of risks to implement dynamic and resilient cloud defence.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Elevate your organization's security with GlassHouse Systems' hybrid cloud security solutions, designed to protect both on-premises and cloud environments. Enjoy the flexibility of the cloud with the assurance of enterprise-grade security, seamlessly integrated across all platforms.

Leverage GlassHouse Systems' extensive experience in both on-premises and cloud environments to bridge the two and benefit from consistent security policies and centralized management, regardless of where your data resides. Lastly, mitigate risks with advanced threat protection tailored for hybrid environments and ensure compliance with industry standards across your IT infrastructure. 

  • Unify security security measures across all cloud and on-premises environments.

  • Leverage cutting-edge technology for detecting and responding to threats in real time.

  • Streamline, achieve and maintain compliance effortlessly across diverse IT environments.

  • Scale and adapt your security as your organization grows and evolves.

  • Optimize the use of security resources.


Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). Continuously monitor and automatically remediate security risks in your cloud environment. CSPM allows organizations to achieve compliance with industry standards more efficiently and protect data from breaches with proactive detection and response, simplify security management across multi-cloud environments, and ensure consistent policies and practices are being met. CSPM helps you gain valuable insights and real-time visibility into your cloud security status.

  • Immediate notifications about security misconfigurations for swift correction.

  • Simplify and accelerate compliance audits with automated tools.

  • Maintain dynamic and up-to-date asset Inventory.

  • Automated responses help your team identify security threats efficiently.

  • Continuous security assessment to constantly improvement your posture.


Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Workload Protection platform safeguards your organization's critical cloud-based assets against evolving threats.

GlassHouse Systems' customizable protection adapts to diverse cloud environments, ensuring continuous compliance, efficient resource utilization to reduce overhead and boost performance, and enhanced visibility across the cloud infrastructure, making security management and auditing simpler.

  • Dynamically adjust your security measures to match the unique demands of your cloud workloads.

  • Automate compliance processes for a hassle-free regulatory experience.

  • Stay ahead of cyber threats with cutting-edge intelligence and proactive defence.

  • Streamline and simplify security Operations.

  • Reduce cloud cost and save on inefficient resource allocation.


Application Security

How well would your applications (web, on-premise, private or public cloud) hold against real-world attacks?  Have you tested your code for vulnerabilities? Are any backdoors planted by software houses, VARs or 3rd party IT firms?

Our team of ethical hackers will perform a controlled attack on your application while leveraging relevant testing standards (OWASP, PTES ), proprietary techniques and tools developed during years of field experience.


Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications from sophisticated cyber threats with our advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF).

Block malicious traffic and prevent attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and more. GlassHouse Systems' cyber team of experts has been helping many retailers with e-commerce exposure and SaaS startups safeguard their data and applications.

  • Instantly counteract potential attacks with dynamic threat-blocking capabilities.

  • Stay protected with automatic updates against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Ensures compliance with critical data protection and privacy standards.

  •  A low-maintenance, high-efficiency security solution.

  • Minimize your website's and application's downtime due to security breaches.



Our process and approach

Many organizations depend on their cloud environments to power their business operations.  While the cloud infrastructure enables businesses, it also threatens their security posture by exposing them to new threats and risks. As more workloads and business processes are migrated to multiple cloud environments, the complexity surmounts, and the benefit can become overshadowed by the looming threats. 

Unlike traditional on-premises infrastructure, the cloud (public cloud particularly) has no concrete boundaries. Its perimeter-less nature creates unique challenges and risks that need to be examined from both access to the cloud and in-cloud perspectives. 

Our approach is risk-driven and begins with an in-depth risk assessment, analyzing your cloud environment, model, usage, assets, and specific company risks.  We then layer on a strategy to increase your visibility into the cloud, prioritize prevention and fast detection, ensure data privacy across all networks, and get and keep your cloud compliant. Above all, we reduce complexity.  We do that by simplifying overly complex processes, policies, configurations, and access.  Simplification is key. The incorporation of automation and AI results in enhanced security and consolidation of tools, which translates to lower costs.

During the process, we discuss options for continuous monitoring, a tailored incident response plan, and a Disaster Recovery and business continuity plan specifically designed for the cloud.

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