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Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud, delivered.

Businesses choose GHS to build, manage, and secure Cloud environments simply, quickly, and cost-optimized.

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It doesn’t have to be difficult.
Make a successful Cloud transition with strategy, roadmaps, partnership and expertise from GHS.


Mitigate data and privacy risk.
GHS aligns your Cloud adoption with the right security and privacy protocols to ensure systems operate safely and efficiently.


Maintain a reliable and cost-effective Cloud environment.
Our CloudOps team provides infrastructure and cloud expertise along with monitoring and automation tools to better manage workloads in the Cloud


Don’t let a natural disaster take down your systems.
Businesses rely on GHS Secure DRaaS™ to restore access and functionality in the event of a disaster.


Gain visibility and insight into all usage and costs.
GHS evaluates cloud deployment, monitors usage in Cloud and hybrid deployments, and provides insights to optimize your cloud efficiency.


10 Takeaways from Companies Who Have Migrated to Cloud

GHS has distilled lessons from hundreds of Azure, AWS and other Cloud migrations across a wide range of industries into one resource you can use to hit the ground running.

Introduction to GHS Cloud Managed Services - Video

Learn about how we approach Managing your Cloud.

Introduction to Cloud Cost Management - Video

Cloud cost creep up quickly, we will help minimize it and keep it in control.

Quick Cloud Cost Assessment - Video

Lift and shift the on-prem to cloud will be very costly. We can help you plan and budget more accurtely.

Introduction to GHS Cloud Use Cases - Video

Hear about different uses cases of GHS Cloud services - Mentoring, DR, Staff Augmentation and Cost Assessment.

Hybrid Cloud - what it is and why it matters - eBook

As organizations attempt to strike a balance between having all IT services on-premises and offloading storage and compute to the cloud, a logical middle ground has emerged: the hybrid cloud.

GHS is ready to help.