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Computing power for the results that matter the most

HPC Managed Services


Accelerate your research with less stress on your infrastructure

GlassHouse Systems provides a wide variety of services that make managing your HPC infrastructure easier.

From infrastructure management and complete systems monitoring to storage and network growth planning, data resiliency, data curation, workflow assessments, and even performance tuning, GlassHouse Systems HPC Managed Services is your one-stop shop for help with your HPC environment.

  • Reduce or eliminate HPC cost and management concerns.
  • Workflow-specific consulting, up-front assessment, and planning services yield focused on results-driven project engagements.
  • Ongoing implementation and management services, including systems monitoring and updates, deliver peace of mind and overall cost optimization.
  • Pay-as-you-go consumption models to optimize costs and make HPC solutions more affordable.
  • Real HPC and research computing experience helps you bridge the gap between traditional IT departments and the needs of the research community.
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