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Digital Transformation - Put Your IBM Power Systems in the Cloud


How Your Cloud Computing Solutions Provider Can Help

Cloudcomputing is a critical component of digital transformation, paving the way for new types of innovation and creativity in the lives of consumers and businesses who use it. Users who have depended upon the robust and reliable IBM Power Systems are now looking to migrate to the Cloud in a bid to grow independently as a business and distinguish their company from industry competitors.

In the short term, relying on your existing systems may seem like the most practical and logical use of your resources. However, in order to enhance your company’s performance and accelerate internal operations, an increasing number of businesses are shifting their IT infrastructure to the Cloud. Moving beyond mature technology may help to stabilize your environment, eliminate capital expenses, and prepare you with the right skill sets to keep up with a continuously evolving IT world.

5 Advantages of Cloud Migration from IBM Power Systems

If your existing IT system is creating more issues rather than resolving them, it may be time to make the switch to the Cloud. Initially, it can be intimidating to overhaul your entire infrastructure but the benefits of relying on a Cloud system may significantly outweigh any lingering uncertainty. Read below to learn more about the Cloud and discover what it can do for your business:

  1. Save Money - Cloud solutions are typically 30%-70% less expensive than an on-premises Migrating to the Cloud means that you only pay for what you use and eliminate any extra fees that are associated with the server purchase price, core activation, IBM Licensed Program Products, and ongoing maintenance fees.
  2. Flexible Terms - Efficiency and flexibility are two critical terms that are associated with business growth. Fortunately, the Cloud provides both advantages. Every organization has different needs and computing requirements. A Cloud solution allows you to specify the computing power and storage capacity that is appropriate for your business.
  3. Expert Support and Server Management - As technology evolves, the knowledge and training of IT experts has evolved with it. In the era of Cloud computing, there are a limited number of qualified IBM i consultants who can offer your business the right skills. Therefore, migrating to the Cloud will decrease your need to outsource to an IBM i expert, who can be difficult to find and whose services come at a premium.
  4. Increase Security - Hosting your applications on the Cloud provide your business with power, secure access, and disaster resilience. Retain all the benefits of a data centre at a fraction of the cost.
  5. New Technology - Access newer, faster hardware and the latest operating system enhancements when you migrate to the Being able to easily access your infrastructure from any location through a simple internet connection is also a major advantage of Cloud computing.

Grow Your Business with Cloud Solutions

From assessment to integration, our IT experts at GlassHouse Systems (GHS) can help your business successfully transition to the Cloud. AIX, System i, Linux, and mainframe workloads can all benefit from our off-premises enterprise solutions. In addition to migrating your infrastructure, we can also help you manage and maintain your system through our Cloud-based security packages. Work with us to take advantage of the GHS Cloud and put the focus back on growing your business. 

Contact us to learn more or leave a comment below to tell us how we can help your business migrate to the Cloud. We will be happy to discuss suitable solutions, delivered by our talented team of managed security experts.

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