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Do you need to appraise your company’s security program using industry-standard security frameworks?

GlassHouse Systems Security Assessments deliver a comprehensive appraisal of our clients’ cybersecurity posture. We follow industry-accepted standard frameworks such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework and SANS Critical Security Controls, incorporating industry-specific structures where required. 

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Organizations working with the GlassHouse Systems Security Services team achieve:

Improved strategy and governance.

Detailed, risk-aligned action plan and prioritized roadmap.

External, independent professional guidance.

Compliance, regulatory and KPI alignment plan.

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A GlassHouse Systems Security Assessment follows four steps:

Step One: Our Security Consultant tailors a scope based on your needs and budget.

Step Two: We lead a review of your security program, identifying existing processes, compliance requirements, corporate security goals, policies and reporting requirements, security solutions, and architecture.

Step Three: You receive a detailed document mapping your security architecture to your operational architecture, evaluating for security information flows, orchestration response workflows, and rationalizing security investment based on business risk.

Step Four: With this holistic view of your Security Maturity Level, the report outlines information captured, identifies areas to augment, and prioritizes next steps to advance your security program.

Organizations of all sizes and stages of cybersecurity maturity have tapped GlassHouse Systems for security assessments. Some notable examples include:

A mid-sized law firm that required adherence with a major client’s cybersecurity compliance requirements.

A retailer seeking a comprehensive assessment and roadmap to enhance their cybersecurity maturity.

Success Stories

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See how your current security program is protecting your business

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