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Are you ready for your next breach?

Unfortunately, it’s not a question of if a security breach will happen, but when. But here’s the good news: the more you prepare for a breach, the less impact it has on your organization. 

With industry-leading specialists in forensics, cyber insurance, breach negotiation and more, the GlassHouse Systems Incident Response team helps organizations improve their breach readiness. 

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Specific GlassHouse Systems Breach Readiness Services include:

Create Incident Response Team

We help you map your staff to specific roles and build the ideal team structure.

Breach strategy

GHS helps develop an effective breach readiness strategy, maps regulatory requirements and assembles a plan to address obligations required by your customers, vendors, financial institutions, and government.

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Develop a communication plan

We work with you to prepare notification templates and procedures for employees, customers, law enforcement, and internal and external stakeholders. 

Tabletop exercises

Plan breach incident drills with the right teams, stakeholders, and processes so you are better prepared when a breach happens.

Success Stories

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Learn how GHS helped a law firm enhance their security and incident response plans to meet compliance requirements.

GHS is ready to help.

Request a meeting to discuss your breach readiness needs.