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Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Data Breach


Outsource Managed Security Services to Help Your Business Recover After a Security Incident

The internet is saturated with information about cyber security protection. However, what are the steps you need to take after a data breach occurs? Businesses of all sizes are still struggling with how to appropriately respond to a security breach incident. Before 2010, cyber security did not even rank in the top 10 risks acknowledged by companies. Today, data theft is an unfortunate but recurring theme of conducting business in the digital age. 

Complacency in the business world does not cut it. Even with the right security measures, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and constantly finding new ways to steal sensitive information. Therefore, one of the best decisions you can make for your business is to work with a MSSP. At GlassHouse Systems, we provide cost effective security solutions and can help alleviate the pressures of dealing with a security hack.

5 Mistakes Businesses Make After a Data Breach

Since data loss is a constant threat, your business must be prepared. Learning to avoid these common pitfalls after a data breach will give you a better opportunity to restore credibility and trust. Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid after a security breach has occurred within your organization’s networks:   

  1. Poor Communication - Miscommunication is a huge problem in the aftermath of dealing with a data breach. It will delay your progress and add more confusion to the process. Executives will immediately want to put their clients’ and partners’ minds at ease, but in doing so, communicate too quickly. Having to retract your original statement with new information may cause unnecessary anxiety in an already tense situation. However, communicate too slowly and you risk losing trust in your credibility. Instead, establish a solid understanding of what you do know and what you dont know about the security issue, so you can respond appropriately.
  2. Failure to Apologize - Even though customers are aware of the constant threat of cyber attacks, executives should always formally apologize for putting them at risk. A data breach is concerning and perhaps even a traumatic experience for some. Failing to say sorry will reflect poorly on your companys reputation and damage existing relationships with customers. Prepare a statement regardless of whether or not your business is to blame for the breach.
  3. Neglect Outside Counsel - If your security has been compromised, one of the first actions you should take is to get your legal department involved. Investing in counsel during the early stages of your data breach is critical for quicker incident recovery. Legal advisors can help you determine which law, regulation, or guideline is applicable, depending on what kind of data has been stolen.
  4. Repeating Your Mistakes - Every organization is vulnerable to cyber attacks, but every security incident offers an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Schedule a “lessons-learned meeting” to help identify all errors. Meetings can improve the performance of your team and provide valuable training and resource materials should another crisis occur.
  5. No Response Plan - A detailed response plan can significantly minimize the consequences of a data breach. Your plan should outline answers to questions such as what are you going to do? What are your legal obligations to customers and employees? How and when should you communicate? Make sure you have the proper protocols in place before a security incident occurs and not when it already has happened. You will not have time to thoughtfully draft a response plan in the middle of a crisis. Preparing your team with a detailed report in advance will help ensure that your business fulfills best practices in the process.

Why Your Business Needs a MSSP

If you respond to a crisis in the appropriate manner, you can elevate your business and regain the confidence of your stakeholders. More businesses are turning to outsourced and managed security service providers to help improve their security posture. At GlassHouse Systems, we combine strong technical skills, products, and partnerships with a focus on the human element to provide high-quality services and positive customer experiences.

Contact us to learn more or leave a comment below for more information on how your business can deal with a data breach and how we can help. We will be happy to discuss appropriate solutions and provide additional services delivered by our managed security experts.

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