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How to Detect a Ransomware Attack


Work with a MSSP for Early Detection and Timely Support

Cyber attacks are on the rise with new versions of ransomware affecting individuals and corporations on a daily basis. Despite your best efforts, it may be difficult to predict when ransomware will strike. On their own, traditional security tools are struggling to defend against the new forms of data encryption. Fortunately, there are faster and more reliable detection methods that you can use to help identify and contain an attack before it overtakes your entire network.

Real-time ransomware detection is important to minimize the spread of infection. At GlassHouse Systems, we can help manage your IT infrastructure in-house, remotely, and in the cloud, to provide the most comprehensive security coverage for your business. Our strategic approach can help you quickly identify potential risks and counteract these threats to keep your critical data safe.

3 Ways to Detect Ransomware

The health and safety of your business operation depends on how quickly you can respond to a security threat. Here are a few best practices you can follow for early ransomware detection:

  1. Perform Network Scans – Familiarize yourself with the contents of your network, as well as public and private clouds. An updated asset inventory can help your security team quickly identify vulnerable computers, and apply patches or reconfigure these systems as necessary.

  2. Intrusion Detection Alerts – Using the right intrusion technology, such as Cloud-based, Network-based, and Host-based IDS, or File Integrity Monitoring, will alert you in cases where system files have been altered or compromised, so you can act promptly. This may be the difference between losing one computer or your entire network to data encryption.

  3. Security Automation – An IT automation strategy can help existing security tools work together more cohesively while using fewer resources. Continuous monitoring from a single platform can help lower costs, and most importantly, increase your incident response rate. Furthermore, automated event correlation solutions may also assist you in identifying links to a cyber security attacker. By receiving immediate notification of a ransomware attack, you can prevent the infection from spreading.

Stay Ahead of Ransomware with a MSSP 

A few minutes is all it takes for a ransomware attack to encrypt your file system. Therefore, it is crucial that your organization is equipped with early detection strategies. At GlassHouse Systems, our preventative methods ensure that your systems remain secure even under threat. We are continuously updating our protection strategies to stay ahead of the relentless growth of cyber crime.

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