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IBM i: Powering the Next Wave of Tech Innovation


Software Developers and Engineers! Think you've seen it all in software development?

IBM i, running on Power Systems in the IBM Cloud supplemented by managed services, is about to expand your horizon, offering a playground of the brand-new tools you love, combined with the unparalleled reliability essential for today's mission-critical systems. Let's dive into a platform that's redefining the boundaries of innovation and stability in the digital age.

Imagine a world where innovation isn't just about introducing new technologies but ensuring they're robust enough to handle the most critical missions your business undertakes. That's where IBM i distinguishes itself in the digital age, offering a unique combination of modern development capabilities with unparalleled reliability and security. Let's explore why IBM i is not just another platform but the foundation of mission-critical computing in a digitally competitive landscape.

Unrivalled Reliability and Security:

At the heart of IBM i's value proposition is its legendary reliability and security, features that are non-negotiable in mission-critical systems. Unlike x86 platforms, IBM i is designed from the ground up with these principles in mind, providing an integrated environment that protects against data breaches and ensures high availability without the complexity often associated with such levels of security.

Integrated Environment:

IBM i stands out by offering an integrated operating environment that includes an IBM DB2 database, security, web services, and more - all within the same operating system. This integration reduces the layers of complexity and points of failure accompanying other platforms, ensuring a streamlined, secure, and efficient infrastructure critical in a digital-first world.

Built for the Most Demanding Workloads:

In the digital economy, downtime or performance lags are not just inconveniences but threats to business viability. IBM i's architecture easily handles the most demanding workloads, providing the performance and scalability that mission-critical applications require. Its ability to run multiple applications and workloads in a stable, secure environment makes it indispensable for businesses that cannot afford any compromise on reliability.

Modern Development Meets Mission-Critical Stability:

While IBM i embraces modern development tools like Git and technologies like Jarvis, Python, Node.js, and many other modern open-source tools, it doesn't ask you to compromise on stability and security. The platform enables software engineers to innovate with the latest programming languages and cloud-native development practices while resting on a foundation that's been battle-tested in the most demanding environments.

Seamless Integration for a Hybrid World:

In today's hybrid cloud and multicloud world, IBM i offers seamless integration capabilities extending beyond traditional data centers' confines. With robust support for APIs and web services, and connectivity options like Direct Link, IBM i can function as a critical node in a distributed digital ecosystem, connecting legacy systems with modern cloud platforms and services.


IBM i is uniquely positioned for businesses that compete in the digital age, offering a rare blend of modern development capabilities and unmatched mission-critical reliability. It's a platform where innovation is securely deployed, uptime is a given, and businesses can confidently build their most critical applications. In a world racing towards digital transformation, IBM i is the steadfast partner ensuring that your digital journey is not just innovative but fundamentally reliable and secure.

Discover why IBM i is the platform of choice for businesses that refuse to compromise on the reliability and security of their mission-critical systems in the digital age.

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