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Petya Cyber Attack - How a MSSP Protects Against Security Threats

Partner with a MSSP to Effectively Enhance Your Security Program

Just a few short months following the WannaCry attack, major corporations around the globe were hit with another massive cyber attack called Petya. 

This most recent malware has affected 12,000 machines in over 65 countries thus far, by exploiting a security flaw in Microsoft’s Windows. Petya infects the network and then encrypts files on computers, preventing users from gaining access to their sensitive files and data. The ransomware then demands that its victims pay $300 in Bitcoin to reverse the lock on their systems.

 Petya ransomware is particularly concerning because many anti-virus software tools were initially unable to identify and stop it. So far, state-run and public organizations have been affected in dozens of countries including the UK, US, France, and Germany. There are currently no reports of Petya reaching across our borders. However, large Canadian firms should continue to remain conscious of this looming security threat. Ensure the safety of your business against cyber attacks with the expert assistance of your Managed Security Services Provider.

Defend Your Business with a MSSP Partnership

Paying a ransom in exchange for a decryption key is not the only option to retrieve your data. In fact, in relation to the latest attack, researchers warn against paying the fee because the email now associated with the hackers is no longer active. As a result, there is no way to contact the criminals and regain control of your system.

Fortunately, taking advantage of a MSSP can protect your business from cyber attacks. If the past year is any indication, hackers are more determined than ever to disrupt the nature of your operation. Here are a few reasons why you should partner with a MSSP to help protect your business against cyber security threats:

  • Better Security Posture - According to the 2017 Cybersecurity Trends Report, 65% of businesses confirm they achieve better policies, procedures, and controls through working with a managed security provider. Working with a MSSP alleviates certain pressures your business may experience when dealing with a breach.
  • Fill Resource Gaps - About 39% of businesses are insufficiently equipped to handle security threats. They lack proper internal security resources and expertise to adequately maintain the growing demands of data protection, systems and applications against sophisticated cyber attacks. A MSSP can address skill shortages, monitor your network 24/7, and respond to emergencies with the appropriate tools and resources.
  • Reduce Cost of Security - One of the most popular benefits of working with a MSSP is to reduce costs. Expenses for these services are typically lower than the costs of hiring in-house, full-time experts. Managed Security Services have the resources to hire and maintain IT professionals with extensive backgrounds in security management. Due to more uniform coverage, your business will see an increase in monitoring support and network reliability without the additional costs.
  • Increased Security Awareness - A MSSP has better insight into increasingly advanced security threats and can minimize any damage through a quick response. Outsourcing managed security services are beneficial for your business to retain security over your entire database under one provider. 

Choose the Right Managed Security Provider for Your Business

Today’s technology continues to grow more sophisticated. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are also aware of how to use these tools for their benefit. Without the right security measures, your business is constantly under the threat of an attack. Partner with GlassHouse Systems for a proactive strategy to protect your business against Petya and other forms of malware and threats.

Contact us to learn more or leave a comment below to tell us how we can help with your existing security program. We will be happy to discuss suitable solutions tailored for your business and offer comprehensive services, delivered by our managed security experts.  

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