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Webinar: Log Management vs. SIEM


Log Management vs. SIEM | SIEM Overview and Benefits | Use Cases | Q & A


Wednesday, May 31, 2017


2:00-2:45 pm EST

Webinar: Log Management vs. SIEM

Log Management and Security Intelligence are not the same. Join us to learn why.

Your business infrastructure generates massive amounts of log data. With so much raw data output, only a fraction of it can be analyzed; usually resulting in false positives. Even though your log management tool can aggregate your data, it cannot correlate different events together to expose security incidents.

This correlation of data along with alerts is why Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) needs to be an integral part of your security defence. Please join GlassHouse Systems for a SIEM webinar where you can learn how to gain valuable insights from your log data using a Security Intelligence solution.

In This Webinar:
  • Find out the differences between a log management tool and a SIEM.
  • Explore the benefits of SIEM.
  • See the value of a SIEM through actual Use Cases.

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