Fight fire with fire: coordinated attacks require coordinated security

The more sophisticated and interactive your IT setup, the more advanced your security strategy must be. GHS Security’s innovative, preemptive methods secure your systems, and mitigate risks of attacks that could corrupt or compromise sensitive data and systems.

It’s no longer enough to know your system inside-out and plug all potential vulnerabilities

Frequent high-profile security breaches prove that every company is a potential target. A sound defensive strategy is to constantly be on the offensive—to be proactive, not just reactive, by scanning the IT landscape for potential risks and neutralizing them before they get to your network’s door.

Today’s complex, interconnected IT reality necessitates a comprehensive, strategic approach that can predict and counteract rapidly evolving threats. GHS specializes in IBM and Cisco Security products and services that help organizations transform their security program, orchestrate their defenses, and protect their most critical information.


Cyber Security Insight

Insight into customers’ security landscape, assessing insider and outside threats.

Vulnerability Assessment and Gap Analysis (Regulatory and compliance, Security Frameworks and Standards).

Penetration Testing to identify and validate Security Controls.

Identify gaps, define roadmaps and enforce mitigation plans.


Cyber Security Advantage

Planning Security Controls implementation in environments with different levels of complexity, whether on-premises or Cloud based solutions.

Expertise in leading turn-key projects to fully deploy selected Security Controls (SIEM, IAM, Endpoint Security, as well as Networking Security Solutions).

Delivering project while collaborating with internal stakeholders to assure successful implementation and customers’ success and satisfaction.

Build Policies and Processes, Implementing Security Practice Workflows to enhance organizations’ Security Posture.


Cyber Security Manage

Provide remote, 24/7/365 Security Managed Service to address resource or skills gap. Managing SaaS or on-premises solutions through our Canadian SOC and our US SOC

Offering Managed Services to address:

Endpoint-Device incident management and remediation, preventing ransomware and zero day attacks.

Security Intelligence–Consolidating log sources, network flows, data from thousands of assets, devices, endpoints and applications powered by industry leading vendor’s solutions (e.g.: IBM QRadar).

Data Protection–Database, data warehouse, big data and file protection powered by industry leading vendor’s solutions (e.g.: IBM Guardium).

Security Expertise

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Endpoint Protections

Endpoint Protections

  • IBM Big Fix
Access and Identity Management

Access and Identity Management

  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)
Data Security

Data Security

  • IBM Security Guardium
Application Security

Application Security

  • AppScan Enterprise
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