Frequent high-profile security breaches prove that every company is a potential target. A sound defensive strategy is to constantly be on the offensive—to be proactive, not just reactive, by scanning the IT landscape for potential risks and neutralizing them before they get to your network’s door.

GHS Integrated SOC Services

Provide remote, 24/7/365 Security Managed Service to address resource or skills gap. Managing SaaS or on-premises solutions through our Canadian SOC and our US SOC

Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing

Insight into customers’ security landscape, assessing insider and outside threats.

End Point Management

Endpoint-Device incident management and remediation, preventing ransomware and zero day attacks.

Security Assessments

A comprehensive security health check of your IT Systems.

Forensics and Incident Response Services

Fight fire with fire: Coordinated attacks require coordinated security.

Ontario Public Sector VoR for Security Solutions

GlassHouse Systems is an approved and reliable vendor for Security Solutions in the Ontario Public Sector. 

HCL AppScan 30-Day Free Trial

HCL AppScan offers intelligent analytics into your software development lifecycle, reporting critical issues and best remediation strategy.

GlassHouse Services Manage


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As a highly technical company, GHS maintains a large contingent of technical
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of your IT infrastructure challenge, not a sales pitch.

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