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IBM PowerAI Vision – Making Computer Vision with Deep Learning More Accessible

Deep learning tools are used to unlock data insights. However, many organizations are currently experiencing a skill and resource gap. This makes it challenging to adopt the techniques required to train models for computer vision. IBM’s PowerAI Vision software is designed for those with limited skills in deep learning and data science to easily train models for AI solutions. Tap into new business insights with PowerAI Vision, delivered and supported by your team at GlassHouse Systems.

In just a few clicks, your subject matter experts can now solve business problems by creating highly accurate image recognition models to identify and classify pictures. An intuitive toolset empowers business users to create these models without a high degree of coding or deep learning capabilities. 

There are four main features of PowerAI Vision:

  • Streamlined model training: Reduce the amount of time required to train models and improve trained results by using existing models as a starting point.
  • Single-click model deployment: After creating your model, install an application programming interface in just one push of a button. Applications can then be developed based on the training model that you have deployed.
  • Data set management and labeling: Manage both raw and labeled data.
  • Video object detection and labeling assistance: Imported videos can be scanned for objects and automatically labeled.

PowerAI Vision works to streamline the processes between data officers, data scientists, and application developers. Minimize these interdependencies and accelerate data labeling with features such as auto-labeling and data augmentation. Automation features allow your subject matter experts to save time and increase team productivity.

When combined with IBM Power Systems, the PowerAI Vision software includes the most popular open source deep learning tools and frameworks. Built for rapid and straightforward deployment, IBM PowerAI Vision also provides a fully optimized and comprehensive end-to-end workflow support platform for all users.

As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, GlassHouse Systems is ready to deploy and manage your IBM PowerAI Vision software solution today.

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