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Storage Trend Predictions for 2019


As with every year, 2019 is sure to present new challenges and technological innovations. When it comes to the world of IT, computer storage has typically never been high on the list of concerns. However, all this is about to change in the months ahead. As you move forward into this new year, think of storage as the foundation that supports your organization’s cloud and critical data centers. 

Each day, businesses around the world are producing vast amounts of data. In the future, this trend is only going to continue and how you optimize your data will play a key role in your ability to set your business apart from the rest. In terms of IT trends, it is essential for your business to build and maintain an infrastructure that combines both, advanced technologies with proprietary information.

Read on to learn more about a few storage technology trends you should follow in 2019. 

Five Storage Trends to Expect this Year

  1. Cloud Storage: Expect to see the growing use of multi-cloud storage over the next 12 months. The trend will see data moving seamlessly between cloud platforms, including both public and private cloud vendors.
  2. Storage Automation: As data transformation evolves, businesses need to improve efficiency while minimizing errors and may do so through automating storage processes. A true digital business depends on the successful integration of all APIs, automation, and self-service.
  3. All-flash and NVMe Storage: As one of the most revolutionary technologies in recent years, flash storage has become an invaluable tool in business. NVMe will also gain traction within the storage industry by helping to support more applications and workloads.
  4. AI Advantage: Numerous industries have already witnessed the impact of incorporating AI into day-to-day business routines. In this case, AI works to simplify complex, manual tasks, ultimately improving the efficiency of your storage plan.
  5. Utilize Modern Data Protection: Leverage your secondary storage backups, snapshots, and replicas by taking advantage of modern data protection. Modern data protection goes beyond the ability to backup and restore, thus propelling your business forward.

Find Storage Solutions that Work for Your Business

The storage industry has a promising future, especially in today’s climate of data-driven enterprises. It has proven to play an impactful role in all areas of business. However, in order to maximize use of your data, it must be accessible, accurate, protected, and surpass the expectations of end users. Find the most comprehensive storage system solutions like our Backup & Restore plan and IT Automation strategy for better business results today, at GlassHouse Systems.

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