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Why It Doesn't Make Sense to Own a Datacentre Anymore

Opt for Managed Services for Your Company’s Cloud

More and more companies are opting to bring operations in-house. While this approach works for many departments, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of having different IT roles staffed within your organization. It can make a lot of sense for customer service and sales reps to work in-house, but for IT management and core IT services, you should be aware of the benefits that working with managed services can provide.

Have you considered the risks of running your own datacentre?

Managed services allow a 3rd party, equipped with the necessary IT hardware and professional staff, to manage your datacentre for a subscription fee. Enjoy reliable service, expansion flexibility, and consistent services with this model for datacentre management. Read more about the advantages below and contact GlassHouse Systems to tell us about your hardware requirements.

Advantages to Using Managed Services for Your Company Cloud

The concept of managed services enables affordable, agile, and responsive services to take care of your cloud computing and data security requirements. Hire in-house talent that will contribute to your bottom line and business development while managed service providers manage your IT and IT security.

Consider these benefits of working with managed services:

  • Predictable Costs – Instead of dealing with fluctuating budgets, unexpected errors, and costly expenses associated with infrastructure, hardware, and upgrades, you can rely on a single recurring fee. Customized payment plans and affordable upgrade options ensure that your datacentre doesn’t become a financial burden on your company.
  • Current and Evolving IT Capabilities – When you work with a dedicated managed IT provider, the technology you access is scalable and easily upgraded. Not only is this option a more financially sound alternative to completely upgrading your own systems, it also ensures you will always have access to relevant, up-to-date, and secure IT systems. Meet evolving security risks with ease as your managed services team provides timely updates and the latest and greatest in capabilities.
  • CapEX to OpEx – Turn your capital expenditures on hardware purchases into operation expenditures with managed services. Simplify accounting and budgeting with reasonable, consistent subscription expenses and enjoy savings as well as easier processes.
  • Vacation-proof, Illness-proof, Retirement-proof - IT staff have the same vacation days, sick days, and working life as other employees. Relying on a small IT team can come with a host of risks that can be alleviated with managed services. Illness, unexpected system errors during vacation, or the retirement of your all-star IT staff member can lead to gaps in your enterprise and security risks for your IT department and entire company. Your customers’ operations may also be jeopardized if your team is compromised. Avoid this risk with managed services.

Update your approach for your company’s datacentres with managed services. Hire IT infrastructure experts and get a customized managed services solution to protect your cloud, featuring AIX, Linux, and other leading products. Remain current, competitive, and above all else, secure.

Contact us to learn more or leave a comment below to tell us about your cloud computing system and security.

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