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Insurance Company

Storage Modernization with Transition to Cloud

Modernizing storage infrastructure for claims application, delivering DR capability across sites and enabling backup and archive into public cloud.

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  • Provide a secure and high-performance storage environment for a demanding health services production workload.
  • Improve RPO/RTO for disaster recovery while controlling operating expenses.
  • Reduce operational expense.
  • Architected and implemented a data replication and DR solution based on IBM FS9200 Storage technology deployed across two sites.
  • Upgraded SAN fabric to support increased replication throughput.
  • Provided services from GlassHouse Systems to assist with setup, implementation, and migration.
  • Implemented a financial structure to meet challenging operational expense requirements.


  • Increased performance by 25% and capacity by 30%
  • Reduced operating expense costs
  • Zero downtime during implementation and migration
  • Reduced data center footprint by 60%
  • Ability to leverage public cloud for archive
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