GHS advantage™ includes three primary types of offering

Software Audit Defense

Software Audit Defense

It’s not a question of whether you will be audited but when

From incorrect reporting of sub-capacity licensing to creating virtual instances without permission, most organizations are not compliant with their software licensing. Typical non-compliance costs range from $500k to more than $3M. Software Audit Defense from GHS can help your organization mitigate the many threats non-compliance poses to your finances, technology and operations. Click here for a short whiteboard video.

Solution Advantages
  • Mitigate any financial exposure non-compliance may present
  • Avoid having to enter into Enterprise Agreements (pre-committed spends)
  • Insulate against premium-priced software and forced, lop-sided agreements (ELAs)
  • Maintain software currency
  • Ensure correct software assets are in place
  • Proactively ensure that all entitlements are up to date and being used as expected upon initial purchase
  • Minimize disruption to operations
GHS Provides
  • Specialized insight to protect your rights, limit the auditors’ reach, quantify exposure and advise on remediation
  • The knowledge, expertise and data to help you make the best decisions for your organization

Infrastructure Implementation

Flexible project-based services tailored to the IT needs of your organization

Following a statement-of-work model, GHS Infrastructure Implementation services focus on analyzing, auditing and implementing enterprise IT infrastructures. GHS Advantage service bundles also include pre-defined assessment and health-check services, which apply robust well-tested, standard-driven methodologies to analyze workloads and IT environments.

Solution Advantages
  • Detailed understanding of the IT infrastructure
  • Insights to help rationalize workloads
  • Flexibility of project-based engagement with clear statement of work
GHS Provides Implementation Services for:
  • Mainframe
    • Z Systems hardware installation and planning services
    • z/OS including Parallel Sysplex
    • z/VM, z/VSE, Linux
    • CICS, IMS, DB2, MQSeries, DFSMS
  • IBM Power Systems
    • Power Systems hardware installation services
    • Power Systems LPAR and VIO planning and setup
    • AIX, IBM i, Linux, Nutanix on Power deployment and customization
    • Power HA
  • X86 Systems
    • Lenovo, Cisco, HP
    • Linux, Windows, Nutanix
  • Storage Subsystems
Performance Management

Performance Management

Helping you monitor, measure and optimize IT performance

With so much riding on your IT resources, why settle for anything less than optimal? GHS has deep skills in evaluating the current state of networks, systems and storage, and a complete toolset to determine where any performance bottlenecks may be happening. Instead of making assumptions about performance, you’ll receive clear and detailed insight you can act on.

Solution Advantages
  • Insights from metrics relevant to your business and IT resources
  • Comprehensive approach covering network, IT systems and application performance
  • Flexibility of project-based engagement with clear statement of work
GHS Areas of Expertise
  • Network – Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco, Firewalls
  • Systems – mainframe (z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, Linux), Power (AIX, IBM i, Linux), x86 (Windows, Linux)
  • Storage – SAN, replication environments
  • Virtualization technologies – PR/SM, z/VM, VMware, KVM, Hyper-V
  • Hyperconverged technology – Nutanix, HyperFlex, Simplivity

GHS has expertise in almost every major platform used within enterprise infrastructures

Hardware Platforms
  • IBM System z (Mainframe)
  • IBM Power Systems
  • x86 Enterprise Systems and More
  • Cisco Unified Data Center Technologies
  • Enterprise Block, File, and Object Storage Solutions
  • IBM and Cisco System Networking

GHS has expertise in almost every major platform used within enterprise infrastructures

Operating Systems
  • Mainframe (z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, Linux on System z)
  • Power Systems (IBM AIX, Linux, IBM i)
  • x86/Integrated Systems (Linux, Windows)

GHS has expertise in almost every major platform used within enterprise infrastructures

Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Security (SIEM, Endpoint & Patch Management, MDM, Data Privacy & Controls)
  • Analytics, Big Data
  • Business Intelligence / Business Insights
  • Systems Middleware
  • Systems Automation
  • Software Defined Infrastructures
  • DevOps
  • On Prem, SaaS, and Hybrid Solutions

GHS has expertise in almost every major platform used within enterprise infrastructures

Virtualization Technologies
  • Mainframe (z/VM, PR/SM)
  • Power Systems (PowerVM, PowerVC, PowerKVM)
  • x86/Integrated Systems (VMware, KVM)
  • Storage Systems (IBM SVC, Software Defined Storage)
IT systems suited to your needs

As a cross-industry solution provider with more than 25 years of experience in corporate IT infrastructure, GHS is a trusted advisor to help you design, evaluate and implement the IT technology solutions that best suit your business needs.

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At GHS we take a consultative approach to customer engagement

  • Can your company afford a failed implementation?
  • Do you have the in-house expertise for a seamless integration?

Your infrastructure matters.
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