The Challenge:

Increasing IT operation costs with decreasing budgets / Lack of internal expertise on AIX / SAP infrastructure required consolidation and ability for on-demand capacity improvements

The Solution:

GHS Managed Services. 24×7 infrastructure support for Global SAP deployment / Migration to updated Enterprise infrastructure


Reduced operational and Increased system availability / Enabled IT to focus on application support for SAP – not IT infrastructure

University of Toronto’s Plans for IT Rationalization

Today, University of Toronto continues its focus on IT Rationalization, to determine the best source of information technology services and to reduce non-productive redundancy in IT solutions. Their objective is to expand University applications. The backend components are the heart and core supporting several mission critical front end applications.

With big plans on the horizon, University of Toronto required an assessment of their IT operations to ensure that it would be capable of handling the forecasted growth and ease of implementation. The assessment uncovered three areas that required immediate attention: Reduced internal operational costs associated with infrastructure support, better availability of resources required to make changes and lack of internal expertise on AIX.

With these challenges in mind, University of Toronto looked to other vendors to address their infrastructure and infrastructure support requirements to meet the needs of their growing demands for SAP. They found their solution with GlassHouse Systems.

GlassHouse Systems (GHS) and University of Toronto have been in business together for years as a result of the service level that GHS has provided to University of Toronto in system architecture and implementation. “Leveraging GHS for remote infrastructure support was a natural decision.” Says Pamela Harris, Senior Manager of Technical Services and Data Management.

GlassHouse Systems’ solution design, implementation and Managed Services addressed the challenges that University of Toronto was facing. Through a simplified SAP infrastructure and the introduction of GlassHouse Managed Services, University of Toronto has been able to reduce operational costs, increase systems availability and improve on the SLA for SAP.

In addition, GlassHouse Systems expertise in UNIX, Linux, network and storage combined with their ITIL-based managed services process has significantly improved IT’s ability to accommodate the University’s demand for technology.

Client Testimonial

“We recently selected GlassHouse Systems for system architecture and implementation. Becoming a GlassHouse Managed Services customer was very natural. GlassHouse provides the skills and processes to ensure our systems perform at its optimal level. Our internal teams are no longer focused on maintaining technology but rather the development of the applications that help us grow.”

PAMELA HARRIS Senior Manager of Technical Services & Data Management, University of Toronto

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