GHS offers the following options:

Software Audit Defense

GHS Term TechSupport

Remote technical support for even the most complex IT environments

When managing complex IT environments, businesses need fast access to accurate answers on a wide range of issues. GlassHouse Systems’ remote technical support empowers companies by providing the knowledge to manage and handle multivendor, multiplatform IT environments with confidence.

Operating Systems and Middleware
  • z/OS (z14, ZR1, LR1), Linux, z/VSE
  • z/VM
  • AIX, Linux, IBM i
  • VMware, PowerVM
  • Hyperconverged
  • Backup/ Restore
  • SAN, Tape
  • SVC, Replication
Services Include:
  • 24×7 comprehensive technical support
  • Remote problem analysis
  • Escalation assistance
  • Technical advocate
  • Performance, Capacity and Health Checks

Capacity Planning

Bringing predictability to your IT infrastructure

GlassHouse Systems helps you prepare your IT infrastructure to keep up with the demands of today, tomorrow and whatever the future holds. During capacity planning we will analyze multiple business scenarios and provide a clear roadmap for cost-effective capacity management.

Solution Advantages
  • Avoid overspending on current and future IT infrastructure
  • Identify future IT performance bottlenecks and business risks
  • Get detailed insight into demand on services and resources
GHS Provides
  • Capacity planning services across all network, server, storage and cloud environments
  • Assessment of expected impact on capacity and performance for current business initiatives
  • Recommendations to meet added demand on IT services and resources
  • Forecasts of service usage and performance to help you plan for future needs

GHS insight™ activities are designed to provide clients with professional planning services to support the following processes

  • Capacity/Performance studies
  • Performance modelling within our on-site innovation & testing facility
  • Financial due diligence and pro formas
  • Software, hardware, and maintenance optimization
  • Recognize and quantify technical work in proposals and pre-sales
  • Technical Configuration Validations
GlassHouse Services Manage

At GHS we take a consultative approach to customer engagement

  • Are your software and hardware systems running at their best?
  • Do you need a customized approach to support and maintenance?

Are you optimizing your IT investment?

As a highly technical company, GHS maintains a large contingent of technical
experts that substantially outnumber sales resources. That means you’ll get an honest assessment
of your IT infrastructure challenge, not a sales pitch.

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