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What is Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?


The term cloud access security broker (CASB) was first coined in 2011, when the majority of IT applications were hosted in data centres and very few companies trusted their information to the cloud. During this time, CASB products were designed to only provide visibility to Client IT and prevent employees from accessing unauthorized cloud services.

Today, companies are much more open to the cloud. Now, CASB can be better understood as an on-premise or cloud-based software or service that monitors all activity and provides your organization with advanced security controls so that you can integrate other applications such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Logging-as-a-Service (LaaS) into your existing security infrastructure. Additionally, a CASB can offer your organization a variety of services including monitoring user activity, cautioning administrators about potentially dangerous actions, ensuring security policy compliance, preventing malware, and so much more.

Read on to learn more about CASB security solutions for your business. When comparing CASB solutions, make sure that they meet your needs in each of the following categories.

The Primary CASB Security Services You Need to Know

  1. Visibility: In the past, CASB's could only identify cloud services that employees would use directly from their desktop or mobile device. However, it is now possible for employees to connect an unsanctioned SaaS directly to a sanctioned SaaS. Therefore, this particular SaaS requires more advanced visibility tools.
  2. Data Security: A CASB offers access controls and encryption to enforce data-centric security policies. Role-based policy tools, data classification and loss prevention technologies which were once stand-alone systems, are now used in conjunction to monitor user activity and audit, limit or block access. In today’s technological climate, it is extremely important that these systems are integrated into your business’ data infrastructure.
  3. Threat Protection: CASB's protect cloud services from unwanted users or suspicious application through malware detection, behaviour analytics and more. With new and sophisticated threats emerging every single day, your business requires new protections; therefore, it is important to find a CASB solution that can meet these requirements.
  4. Compliance: Every business requires auditing and reporting tools to show data compliance, and the right CASB should offer both auditing and reporting tools. A more advanced CASB solution may also offer things like policy controls and remediation workflows that ensure regulatory compliance in real time, regardless of industry.

Secure the Future of Your Business with GlassHouse Systems

At GlassHouse Systems, security is one of our top priorities. As a highly technical company, we specialize in advanced IT infrastructure solutions for your business. The IT setups of today are more sophisticated and interactive than ever before, meaning your security strategy must be equally as advanced to prevent your critical information from being compromised. Fortunately, we offer innovative and pre-emptive methods to secure your system through remote, 24/7/365 Security Managed Services.

Contact us or leave a comment below to learn more about CASB solutions for your business and how GlassHouse Systems can help.  

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