Unfortunately, when security breaches, natural disasters, power outages or technical meltdowns occur, your data center could be compromised. A crucial part of any business strategy is a Resiliency plan that maintains uptime under adverse conditions, and a Recovery plan that mitigates losses if disaster does strike.

Resiliency Consulting Services

As part of our process, we designate a security consultant and relevant infrastructure experts to review everything from common risk areas like endpoint management, applications and data, to policies, procedures and guidelines.

Backup and DR Solutions

A large part of your company’s value is contained in the files and data stored on your network and individual devices. A solid Backup & Restore plan is an investment that ensures the years of hard work and the value it generated are never lost.  

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

One solution to protect your data, your budget and your peace of mind

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

A comprehensive solution to ensure disaster doesn’t get in the way of your business continuity

High Availability Design and Implementation

Assessment, Planning and Design.

GlassHouse Services Manage


Focus on growing your business,
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As a highly technical company, GHS maintains a large contingent of technical
experts that substantially outnumber sales resources. That means you’ll get an honest assessment
of your IT infrastructure challenge, not a sales pitch.

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