Don’t let poor R&R take away from your R&R

IT infrastructure downtime can cost your company $5,600 per minute ($336,000/hr) in direct losses, not including impact on reputation and lost opportunity costs. Over 40% of businesses DO NOT reopen after a disaster. A comprehensive Resiliency & Recovery plan is a critical and valuable investment.

In an ideal world, your IT systems would function perfectly all the time

Unfortunately, when security breaches, natural disasters, power outages or technical meltdowns occur, your data center could be compromised. A crucial part of any business strategy is a Resiliency plan that maintains uptime under adverse conditions, and a Recovery plan that mitigates losses if disaster does strike.

The system is the solution: the best way to be prepared for all eventualities is to create a plan that keeps all systems operational, and automatically triggers the correct response to avert or minimize crises. All GHS Disaster Recovery (DR) Services utilize good practices based on experiences across many industries; proven methods and technologies; and holistic solutions that include interdependency of applications.

Resiliency Expertise

DR Health Check
  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your existing DR program by reviewing the technology that supports your company’s business activities and conducting a high-level assessment of your current recovery capabilities.
  • Deliverable: DR Health Check Report, with recommendations

Resiliency Expertise

DR Roadmap
  • Outline all the processes and tools required to meet your Disaster Recovery needs. The document serves as a foundation upon which your DR Plan is built.
  • Deliverable: DR Roadmap Guidebook customized for your company

Resiliency Expertise

BIA Optimization
  • Analyze the impact of IT downtime and data loss on your company using a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA), which then serves as a springboard to improve the quality, accuracy and manageability of your IT recovery objectives and implementation.
  • Deliverables: BIA Optimization Document, including IT interdependency mapping, BIA recovery objectives, and definitions of RTO and RPO

Resiliency Expertise

DR Infrastructure Design
  • Develop a cost-effective DR solution that is meticulously detailed and ready for implementation, including the conceptual underpinnings of the DR infrastructure solution that guide its development.
  • Deliverable: DR Infrastructure Design Document (processes, tools, templates, etc.)
 Your infrastructure matters.
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