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Discover how you can impact your business by running the premier SAP HANA data platform on the GHS Enterprise Cloud or on-premises platform supported by GHS using IBM Power Systems.

 SAP HANA on GHS Enterprise Cloud or On-Premises

Having your SAP HANA application and Infrastructure managed through one provider allows for greater efficiency and more creative solution options to best serve the needs of your business.

Regardless of which stage you’re at in adopting SAP HANA, or which platform you’re currently running on, GHS can assess your needs and provide a comprehensive plan to facilitate a smooth transition.

Having your SAP HANA Applications managed by one provider.

Its innovative in-memory database structure on IBM Power and blazing speed have already changed the way companies work with data. It makes complex analytical applications run faster and smoother, improving customer satisfaction and organizational productivity.

Its ability to provide real-time data enables more effective and responsive decision making. Advanced reports and analyses that used to take hours or days can now run in minutes or seconds.


At GHS we take a consultative approach to customer engagement:

  • Assess
  • Recommend
  • Design
  • Implement
  • Manage
“Of all the innovations in IT I have seen over the last three decades,
SAP HANA is by far the biggest game-changer in terms of how companies
manage all aspects of their business, and has the greatest potential ROI.
It is a paradigm shift that enables us to do things faster than ever
before, and do things that were previously unfeasible leveraging IBM Power Systems.”


David Antebi
CEO, GlassHouse Systems

SAP HANA – our expertise

Whether you want to deploy SAP HANA’s in-memory data platform on-premises or in the cloud, you’ll need the right partner to make help you integrate it and maximize its benefits to: Accelerate business processes, Deliver more business intelligence, Run your business faster & Simplify your IT environment.

Complete IT infrastructure:
Design, integration
and implementation

and storage solutions

On-demand, tiered resource usage maximized flexibility and cost-efficiency

Blueprinting and training

System and data migration

What Our Clients Say?

  • “LexisNexis relies heavily on GHS for its mainframe programming and architecture skills. We engage GHS to provide us with  competitive technology insight and solutions that help our team be reactive to the changing requirements of business-based IT technology.”

    Steve Harvey
    Head of IT, LexisNexis Canada
  • “Becoming a GlassHouse Managed Services customer was very natural. GlassHouse provides the skills and processes to ensure our systems perform at its optimal level. Our internal teams are no longer focused on maintaining technology but rather the development of the applications that help us grow.”

    John Doe
    Senior Manager of Technical Services and Data Management
  • “Leveraging GHS for remote infrastructure support was a natural decision.”

    Pamela Harris
    Senior Manager of Technical Services and Data Management

GHS Enterprise Cloud or On-Premises

Running SAP HANA on the GHS Enterprise Cloud or On-Premises using GHS expertise on IBM Power, gives companies the ultimate edge in three crucial areas:

  • Flexibility:
    Virtualization and capacity on demand means you only pay for the space you need, and enables instant growth without adding servers.
  • Resiliency:
    Intelligent memory protection detects and corrects potential faults before the application even sees them, enabling maximum availability.
  • Performance:
    System architecture that is built for the in-memory data processing of SAP HANA, combined with massive multithreading, vectorization and high-bandwidth.
 Your infrastructure matters.
So why trust anyone but the best?

As a highly technical company, GHS maintains a large contingent of technical experts that substantially  outnumber sales resources.
That means you’ll get an honest assessment of your IT infrastructure challenge, not a sales pitch.

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